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At Kanthan Design Corporation, we strongly believe in the education of our industry to other design professionals. Below are some of the resources that we offer. If interested in any of these, please forward your information to us at or at our Contact page.


This information will assist in determining the value of Kanthan Design Corporation:

2020 Kanthan Design Corporation Corporate Profile (11,870 KB)

Kanthan Design Corporation Flyer (639 KB)

Kanthan Design Corporation Brochure (687 KB)

What to Expect from an Architect? (LinkedIn)

Should Architects Provide Pro Bono Services? (LinkedIn)

Architecture + Branding (LinkedIn)

Knowledge Center

These informative articles assist in determining the value of an Architect:

Hiring an Architect (237 KB)

Owner as General Contractor (223 KB)

Terminology (143 KB)

Client-Architect Relationship (75 KB)

Factors that Affect Design (53 KB)

10 Ways to Successfully Work With Your Architect (60 KB)

10 Ways to Successfully Reduce Residential Project Costs (60 KB)

10 Common Mistakes that Sink Construction Projects (61 KB)

The Building Design Process (60 KB)

7 Elements of Interior Design (205 KB)


Kanthan Design Corporation is pleased to provide you with some relevant forms & documents for your project:

Owner and Property Information (462 KB)

Schematic Design Approval (53 KB)

List of Project Consultants (72 KB)

Request for Information (RFIs) (77 KB)

Substitution Request (After Bidding/Negotiation Phase) (902 KB)

Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement (218 KB)

CADD Release Agreement (67 KB)


Kanthan Design Corporation assumes no liability with regard to misinformation or undiscovered issues that may arise during design, permitting and construction. Please refer to websites and correspondence of applicable Authorities Having Jurisdiction [AHJ] for more pertinent information.

2012 AIA Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct (758 KB)

AIA - You and Your Architect (6,042 KB)

Building Permit Application (Universal - Palm Beach County) (183 KB)

Building Permit Application (Universal - Broward County) (374 KB)

Building Permit Application (Universal - Miami-Dade County) (3,098 KB)

Notice of Commencement (Universal - Palm Beach County) (139 KB)

Notice of Commencement (Universal - Broward County) (85 KB)

Municipal Code Corporation Online Code Library

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