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Tater Town Community Revitalization (12,757 KB)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fall 2013


Tater Town offers the ideal solution for a sustainable development that will heavily influence the future of urban development. As an outdoor farmer’s market, Tater Town sets the precedent for furthuring recent trends in "agri-tecture", the architecture of urban agriculture, supporting the idea that buildings can successfully produce food in urbanized regions.


Optimizing land use and inducing sustainable incentives restore Tater Town's presence as a community landmark that  precedes future development within Fort Lauderdale’s urban context.


FEC Train Station and
Business Center (6,474 KB)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Spring 2013

The City of Fort Lauderdale intended to redesign the site around SW 17 St and S. Andrews Ave. in order to house the new FEC train station in that location. This entailed redesigning the demographics of the site, changing transportation flows, creating natural green ways and gateways to enter this highly dense place, and creating a public icon for the new and improved FEC corridor.
2013 Transportation Summit Honoree
Stereotomy vs. Tectonic

Fall 2009



technique of cutting solids, as stones, to specified forms and dimensions.



pertaining to building or construction; constructive; architectural.


This project articulates these two design processes into an architectural form that begins to create numerous types of spaces using simple constructive methods. The entire built environment can be derived from these two specific elements of architectural  design that coexist to become a beautiful form.


Chiaroscuro Study

Spring 2010



use of deep variations in and subtle gradations of light and shade, especially to enhance the delineation of character and for general dramatic effect.


These carefully articulated design models are studies into the shadow patterns that a roof membrane or exposed structure can create on the walls and particularly the floor below.

Spaces of Lines,
Planes + Volumes

Fall 2010


This conceptual design project analyzes the design process in all dimensions of perception. Perception is subjective and can be manipulated to achieve the desired view multiple times. This project starts from the basic sketch of a collage and transforms itself into an architectural study of voids, vanishing points and defined spaces.

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