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What are your fields of expertise?


My expertise has always been in the finance and accounting industry, but I am more focused on the real estate and development industry in the past decade. Kanthan Design has always been at the forefront with development and sustainable design strategies, so I have been using my skills in accounting and real estate to allow all our clients the opportunity to have modern amenities with cost-effective solutions.

How does your Real Estate experience affect Architecture and Planning?


Real estate is wholly influenced by the capital market of the world, in particular the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. We are able to provide an outlook on trends in the market - telling us what to expect and where the best opportunities are. We are also aware of sources and flows or equity and debt capital, giving us the opportunity to compete with various public and private sectors. Inclusive of the various credit issues affecting real estate, we can also describe the impacts of social trends on development and how the human demographic is constantly changing - all issues that affect Architecture and Planning.

What sets you apart from other firms with similar experience?


It is not our firm itself that sets us apart; we just bring a lot more fields of vision to our projects than our competition. We bring trustworthy experience from the architecture and planning spectrum, financial and accounting industry, real estate and development as well as all our consultants and professionals already established within their niche of the market.


How does your Accounting experience affect Architecture and Planning?


Accountants are able to study a company's pro forma statements before a major transaction such as an acquistition, merger, change in capital structure or a new capital investment and effectively forecast the anticipated result of the transaction, with more emphasis on estimate net revenues, cash flows and taxes. All this information ultimately affects the capital needed to produce a corporate image and plans for expansion. My experience assists our clients in making sound financial decisions when determining feasibility for purchasing new land or property when the company is ready to grow.


Do you provide consulting services?


Yes. I am an Enrolled Agent [E.A.] for the IRS so I have much technical experience in the field of taxation and can represent taxpayers from individuals to corporations. I can also provide various consulting services in regards to business planning, compensation planning as well as business continuity and profitability.

Do you provide pro bono services?


Our firm is always willing to provide pro bono services where we receive no financial compensation other than compensation for reimbursable expenses. We ONLY work with viable not-for-profit organizations that use their surplus revenue to effectively address the needs of the public and their mission instead of distributing that surplus as profit to their shareholders.


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