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What is your design philosophy?


I try to focus on design at its idealist form, a form that can be easily recognized and enjoyed by all groups of people not only on a physical level but also on an intellectual level. Design in architecture is a prolific art that continues to grow and nurture. That is why I practice architecture. The more I continue to practice, eventually I will get it to perfection.

What are the steps in your design process?


We follow the steps outlined by the American Institute of Architects regarding the Scope of Services for practicing architects. We begin with the program and design goals that we can achieve from all parties involved. We then create sketches and visual representations on CAD software for critiques and modifications to the desired result. Once schematic design approval is obtained, we begin the Construction document phase and begin creating drawings that can be approved for construction. During this phase, we also assist our client in bidding and negotiating contracts with potential builders.

What sets you apart from other architects with similar experience?


Well on the date that this interview was conducted, I am the youngest licensed and registered Architect in the State of Florida and have extensive experience in projects from almost every sector. We always strive to use the best consultants and pride ourselves on the wealth of knowledge and transparency within our organization on every project that we handle.


What criteria will be used to make design decisions?


From initial conception, we establish the main priorities and results that MUST be obtained and then design accordingly. We take the time to understand the design intent early in the project to alleviate much confusion and headaches later. We keep the client in the loop all the time. Communication is key, so all our design decisions are conveyed constantly to the client to understand our design process and educated decision-making.


Do you have experience with "green" or sustainable design?


Yes. All of our projects are designed to be as efficient as possible within a client’s budget and timeframe of the project. We take pride in designing vibrant, sustainable design interventions that bring durable and profitable value to our clients and to the society and culture they are built in.

How do you establish fees?


Our two main variables that we consider are SCOPE and COMPLEXITY. We do not have standard pricing for projects since each project is different. However we understand that the market is competitive, so we offer a very high level of transparency and affordability to our clients depending on the specific needs for their project.


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