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Kanthan Design Corporation provides custom-based architecture and planning services in and/or related to the vast design-oriented industry that helps individuals and organizations define, develop, and market their strategies and interests, thus creating a cornerstone to reinforce these necessities.


Kanthan Design Corporation aims to deliver an original low-risk, high-reward design and business solution to all our customers. We help define the core essentials in any design challenge within a business or project and work side-by-side with our clients to continually exploit opportunities. By keeping all services under the ever-expanding Kanthan Design Corporation umbrella, we are able to provide our clients with an expedited and cost-effective result to market and enjoy.

Company Facts

Founded in 2012

Over 1,000 Projects Designed


Programming & Planning

We provide pre-design services to assist clients in establishing the project program, financial and time requirements, and design limitations

Full Service Architecture & Interior Design Studio

Our vast expertise extends into almost every industry from the residential, commercial, business and hospitality sectors to name a few.

Space / Land / Master

Planning Studio

Our collaborative of design professionals are experienced in maximizing urban infill development through innovation and creativity. We strive to translate client's needs into functional & prolific solutions.

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